Friday, May 20, 2011

NuPlayer for HTTP live streaming

HTTP Live Streaming is separated from Stagefright on the recent release, which is basically another light-weighted playback engine, except it only supports the fixed container and codecs format currently.
It seems that the author really prefers rewriting than refactoring:)

Unlike Awesomeplayer, NuPlayer is built upon Stagefright's foundation classes, and leverages the Looper/Handlers mechanism to handle requests asynchronously by queuing them in a message loop, so there are less mutex/lock in place.

  • NuPlayer::Source is the parser module. Actually its interface looks like a combination of MediaExtractor and MediaSource, and it also makes seekTo as an explicit API now.
  • NuPlayer::Decoder connects to ACodec for AVC decoding, and to DecoderWrapper for AAC decoding, which in turn wrapps AAC software decoder in the OpenMAX style. ACodec is functionally similar as OMXCodec in Stagefright, besides the application of State pattern and passing MediaBuffers around with messages.
  • NuPlayer::Render is responsible for rendering audio and also controls when to post video buffers back to NativeWindow for A/V sync.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I've been on travel to Libertyville for nearly two weeks. While it's a bit boring to live at a hotel, the good thing is I have a lot of spare time now, and I can freely surf the internet, so it's probably a good time for blogging:)