Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Current status of Stagefright

  • Local file playback (AMR/MP3/MP4/...) and basic http playback support;
  • Video only recording;
  • A corresponding metadata retriever, not fully implemented yet.
Some thoughts on the enhancement:
  • No abstraction layer for media sink, and lack of a pluggable mechanism to pick decoder dynamically based on the source's format and sink's capability. The overall architecture doesn't seem to be flexible enough to date;
  • It's good to re-use the same MediaExtractor from player engine for metadata retrieving to avoid duplication. However, MediaExtractor itself might not get all required keys reliably, e.g. it might be more accurate to get some keys (e.g, video height/width) from decoder's output;
  • To support audio only and audio+video recording;
  • Http support is not complete, no BUFFERING status update, not asynchronous message for data insufficient/available;
  • No RTSP support yet.
Anyway, it's still under active development and it's from Google, so it wouldn't be surprising that it evolves quickly as a replacement of OpenCORE in the near future;)

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