Thursday, September 30, 2010

RTSP in Stagefright (2)

A basic sequence diagram of setting up RTSP connection in Stagefright:


Anonymous said...

Could you magnify sequence diagram ? it's too small to see.

Anonymous said...

I am experiencing a big latency in playing RSTP stream, I followed your description and the code but I haven't found yet where is the buffering mechanism that creates such a latency.
Any hints?

Thanks in advance.

freepine said...

There are multiple factors which could impact start time of playing RTSP links. Perhaps you can combine logcat and tcpdump output to have a rough idea of where most of the time is spent on first.

Marcel said...

My first hunch would be UDP to TCP fail over. I too am dealing with this kind of problem, and reach this site looking for a RTCP-first transport setup on stagefright.